Have you ever thought of going on a Mission Trip?
Join us on our Mission Trip to Cuba in March 2019


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Mission Trip to Cuba - MARCH 2019

This could be your chance! A mission team will be visiting our sister church in Güines, Cuba, beginning Monday, March 11, 2019 and returning Monday, March 18. There is also the opportunity for an extension of three nights in Havana.

You’ll see the real Cuba while living in the manse and sharing with the church community. Help with the Living Waters for the World clean water project that our church sponsors. Experience how clean water affects the lives of everyone. It is a wonderful example of mutuality in mission. The Cuban church provides the sweat equity in running, maintaining the system and distributing the life-changing clean water to the community. They passed the million-gallon mark this spring!

You’ll spend time with the church’s people as well as live with Pastor Abel and his family. There will be music, an excursion to Havana City, a day at a Cuban beach that is as beautiful as any of ours on Long Island and time to reflect. This is a mission trip, not a vacation. You will give of yourself but you will receive so much more. If you want to swing a hammer or paint a wall, this trip is not for you. Our job is so much more because we share our hearts and souls with brothers and sisters in Christ. Speak with anyone who has already experienced this mission, you’ll soon see a look of peace and maybe a few tears.

We travel legally to Cuba under one of the 12 categories (Religious Activities) of a general license for travel to Cuba.

In order to travel to Cuba and stay in the church, we must have Cuban Religious Visas. These are obtained for us by the Cuban church but the process takes 90 days. Therefore, I must have your passport information no later than December 15. So, if you are interested, check your passport to make sure it is valid for a minimum of 60 days after the end of the trip with at least two consecutive blank pages.

For more information, contact Barbara D’Andrea – athnbub@aol.com

Commissioning of Mission Trip to Cuba - 2018

Commissioning of Mission Trip to Cuba - 2018