The Presbyterian Church takes its name from the New Testament Greek word for "Elder": presbuteros. It describes the way the church is governed, with oversight resting on elected bodies at the congregational, regional and national levels.

The governing group in each congregation is called the Session, a body made up of men and women known as "Elders" who have been "set apart" by election and ordination into a supervisory role. The Session meets monthly to conduct the business of the church. "Teaching Elder" is the name for an installed pastor in a congregation. The Pastor is also a member of the Session with equal rights to the other Elders. At First Presbyterian Rev. Scot McCachren is the installed pastor and a member of the Session.

Elders generally serve for staggered three-year terms, with a third of the Session elected each year. Ordination is a for life designation. Past Elders are part of a group called -  the College of Elders.


Mary Siska, Clerk of Session


Class of 2019

Josh Borsack
Ken Brown
Debbie Mansir
Wendy Mott

Class of 2020

John Cataletto
Linda Child
Kristy LaMonda
Donald Smith

Class of 2018

Lee Andrews
David Filer
Michelle Grant
Aleaze Hodgens


Session Committees

Management & Administration
Lee Andrews - Chair

Buildings & Grounds
John Cataletto - Chair

Christian Education
Kristy Lamonda - Chair

Aleaze Hodgens - Chair

Membership & Communication
Hilary Malecki -Chair

Mission & Community
Debbie Mansir

Josh Borsack - Chair

Rev. Scot McCachren - Chair

Worship & Music
Linda Child - Chair