"George Washington Slept Here"

“George Washington Slept here”…. is a popular phrase appearing on plaques of establishments that were lucky enough to have hosted our first president. While I am unaware of any tales of George Washington spending the night in East Hampton, I did come across a grand story in an old East Hamptons Star, reporting on a girl’s sleepover atop the steeple of our very church. 

Morristown, NJ to East Hampton, NY

It is a year this October that our new pastor, Reverend Scot McCachren arrived from Morristown, NJ to be the 21st pastor of the Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church in East Hampton. Turns out something else made the same journey from Morristown to East Hampton over 230 years earlier….a letter from the 1st pastor of the Morristown Presbyterian Church, Rev Timothy Johnes, was sent to East Hampton’s 3rd pastor, Rev Samuel Buell, in 1783. The letter was recently discovered by the Morristown church’s archivist Jan Frazier and forwarded to Rev McCachren.