Rev. Nathaniel Huntting

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Portrait of Nathaniel Huntting
c. 1700, repainted 1925


Note with picture: The Rev Nathaniel Huntting, born 1678-died 1753, Second Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of East Hampton, L.I. from 1699 to 1749, wearing his college gown of Harvard University from which he graduated with honors in 1696. Original portrait probably painted about 1700-artist unknown. cleaned, repaired, mounted on this board and the picture entirely redrawn and repainted at East Hampton in 1925 by Arthur Trumball Hill. East Hampton 1928, Memorandum-Final varnishing of this portrait has now been done with clear Amber? varnish- (Schmincke & Co., Dusseldorf). This varnish forms part of the vehicle used throughout in painting the portrait. A. T. H


Nathaniel Huntting first came to East Hampton in 1696 as an interim to assist Rev. Thomas James the pastor of First Church. He was 21 and a graduate of Harvard University in 1693. His service as pastor of the church was secured when Samuel Mulford of East Hampton traveled to Massachusetts to offer Rev. Huntting the call of a permanent position of Pastor in East Hampton. He was installed as the second pastor of the church on September 13, 1699. His starting salary was 60 pounds and firewood, granted by unanimous vote of the town officials. He was provided a home free and clear for lifetime use.

To see notebooks, sermons and manuscripts of Rev. Nathaniel Huntting, visit Digital Long Island, East Hampton Library, Long Island Collection.


The Huntting Inn, c. 1870
Nathaniel Huntting’s home stood at the corner of Main Street & Huntting Lane in East Hampton. Enlarged over the years, it is known today as the Huntting Inn. For more info, read Before it was the Huntting Inn, by Gina Piastuck, East Hampton Star, Nov 29, 2018


Postcard: The Huntting Inn, courtesy of the East Hampton Library, Long Island Collection.

Sermon by Rev. Nathaniel Huntting, Long Island Collection,East Hampton Library, New York Heritage Digital Collections.